Wind Power

TEAMSESCO provides quality repairs on all brands of wind power electronic equipment. Every repair is backed by our exclusive, one-year, StarService warranty guarantee and tracked using our state-of-the-art barcode tracking system, using this barcode we are able to immediately verify make, model and serial numbers as well as received and ship dates for our customers. Before any repair ships, it undergoes complete comprehensive testing based on the original design specifications. We utilize infinitely variable semiconductor load testing for applicable repairs insuring that your repaired unit works in the field as well as it did in our facility. This level of testing is critical to TEAMSESCO's overall quality control and reliability guarantee since 1913!


Our engineering team is the very foundation of the quality repair services we offer. Their process is in-depth and allows us the ability to fully understand the functionality of each unit and to identify high failure rate components and design flaws or potential upgrades. After the reverse engineering process and schematic creation, our engineering team develops a custom load test that simulates plant conditions. Most importantly, written repair and load testing procedures are documented and available to our team of repair technicians.


The moment a repair comes in our door, it is assigned a bar-coded job number and tracked using our state-of-the-art barcode tracking system. Not only does this allow us to track the unit within our plant, but also gives us the ability to track who worked on it, what parts were scanned to the job, and what repairs were made. Once the unit is shipped back to our customer, this barcode is placed within the unit and on the exterior by the nameplate. This helps our customers track any potential warranties and helps us catch potential application issues if there are repeat repairs or odd failures.


Our technicians are trained to do repairs the TEAMSESCO way! First and foremost, this means taking the time needed to produce a reliable repair every time. Our process includes following written repair and testing procedures created by our engineering team and performing a full refurbishment on each item we repair. This involves cleaning any contaminants from the unit, replacing old or rusted hardware, and replacing all high failure rate or limited lifetime components regardless of their condition.


Any repair is doomed if not properly tested before being retuned to the customer and this is where we really excel! Over the past 20 years, our engineering team has developed hundreds of custom test sets for the equipment we repair. These range from one of a kind automated test equipment to inverter and converter custom load centers..


Our quality control program was developed and refined by our technicians to give them the utmost confidence in their repairs. Every repair is inspected and approved by a second senior technician. This includes a multiple step inspection throughout the repair process and then witnessing the final load test. The inspecting technician signs off on the repair before it is moved and scanned to our shipping department.


Our most valuable asset is the people that make up our team. Our culture is one of quality and customer focus. Our technicians take great pride in the quality they produce; our sales and customer service teams work hard

every day to help our customers, especially when machines are down, and production has stopped. Our shipping and receiving team make sure every detail is documented, and that when a customer receives their repair, it arrives in pristine condition, and most importantly, we did exactly what we said we would do!

We offer repair on: Pitch systems, yaw systems, converter systems, down tower, and up tower electronics.

Wind repairs we perform but are not limited to AEAA Cards, AEAD Cards, AEBI Cards, AEPA Cards, AEPS Cards, CBK Boards, ESS and Non-ESS Line IGBT and Rotor IGBT assemblies, UPS Power Supplies, WEOR Cards, WETB Cards, 20nm and 30nm Charger Card Assemblies and 20nm Pitch Converters.

We work everyday to develop more test procedures to add more units to our wide array of repairs!