CRT to LCD Conversion

Advantages To Upgrading Your CRT To An Energy Efficient LCD

When you allow TEAMSESCO to upgrade your aging CRT to an energy efficient LCD you receive the following benefits:

  • Realize cost-savings – uses less power than a CRT
  • LCD offers viewing angles not available in a CRT
  • LCD will not develop burn-in
  • Considerably lighter in weight than a CRT
  • Clear screen helps to prevent operator error – no fatigue as in reading a CRT with burn-in
  • Extremely cost-effective option when the OEM no longer offers support
  • Faster turn-around time
  • No time wasted troubleshooting and sourcing obsolete parts
  • Sound, long-term investment
  • Parts available for repair
  • Re-using the chassis avoids mounting issues

All TEAMSESCO HMI Units Receive The Same Level Of Quality Service

When you send your HMI to TEAMSESCO for repair you will receive all of the following as part of our standard quality refurbishment:

  • Thoroughly clean entire monitor
  • Complete 24-hour system testing
  • 1-year StarService Guarantee on repaired unit
  • Replace integrated flyback transformer
  • Replace all “High-Failure-Rate” components
  • Replace all faulty or non-operational components
  • Replace faulty or weak electrolytic capacitors and other ICs as needed
  • Adjust convergence, color balance and all internal system controls back to the OEM specification