Feedback Device Repair - Tachometer, Resolver and Encoder Repair

Feedback Device Repair Procedure:

  • Encoders: TEAMSESCO can refurbish or replace many types of encoders. Encoders are tested by being back driven at maximum speeds to insuring that they perform correctly
  • Resolvers: TEAMSESCO has the ability to test resolvers of any speed or frequency. If your resolver fails we can rewind it or replace it
  • Tachometers: TEAMSESCO can service or replace most AC and DC tachometers

StarService Guaranteed Repairs:

  • TEAMSESCO repairs all brands of servo motors and components
  • Each repair is backed by our one-year StarService warranty and tracked by our state of the art bar-coding system
  • TEAMSESCO‚Äôs test equipment allows us to fully repair and test motors & feedback device
  • Rush service available 24/7/365. Call us at 1-800-48-SESCO today!
  • Track jobs online through our customer web portal
  • Get instant repair pricing through our extensive repair database